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EG Comixology Online Pull List

Enchanted Grounds And Comixology™ bring you the print and digitial comics you want.
Never miss an issue, set up your online Pull List with Enchanted Grounds

To get started, simply sign up at
After you create your account, go to: This will redirect you to the Enchanted Grounds page with  In the lower left corner of the page will be an option titled “Retail Connection”. Click on the “Connect” button which will associate your Comixology account with Enchanted Grounds and you’re in.

From there, you can click on “Previews” from the upper left banner or any of the other options that allow you to search for comics.
Anytime you see a comic you want to add to your pull, you will see an option to “Pull” on a green button or “Subscribe” on an orange button.


What is a “Pull List”?
A Pull List is a list of items collectors compile and provide to Enchanted Grounds which in turn, “Pulls” these items as they arrive in the store. Most lists are prepared with pen and paper and aren’t easily managed. Online Pull Lists from comiXology™ allow collectors to plan what they want to buy online either designate them to be pulled. The comiXology™ Online Pull List system also allows visitors of the site to see what comics people are reading, and exposes them to items they might not know about.

How does the Pull List system work?
Simply log in to, log in, select Enchanted Grounds as your retailer, and pull your comics and series. Every Wednesday, we pull the comics you request and file them in your pull box.
Comixology may display previously published materials Enchanted Grounds does not have in stock. We may not be able to fill all back issue requests depending on available inventory.

How many titles do I have to subscribe to?
We have no minimums; subscribe to whatever you like. However, we prefer that, if you like to scan the racks as well, only subscribe to titles that are a little out of the mainstream or that we might not normally order very heavily on.

Is there a discount?
Enchanted Grounds offers a 10% discount on pull list titles if you maintain at least 6 ongoing subscriptions. This discount extends to anything you special order from Previews as well.
This discount cannot be applied to digital comics purchased direct from Comixology.
Come in and talk to us for more details…

What if there’s a book I didn’t order in the box?
No problem, just let us know and we will correct it. We are human and errors can happen.

What if I need to add or drop a title?
It’s simple. Just let us know right away by removing the item from your pull list on, or send us an e-mail to Please keep in mind that we order titles 2 months in advance, so we may ask you to honor the purchase of something specifically ordered for you.
Please have all subscriptions that you want added or removed changed by the last Wednesday of each month.

What about mini-series, specials and variants?
You must choose to receive mini-series, specials and variants. We will not order these unless specifically requested. Some variants have special ordering requirements and may not always be available

Do you ask for credit card information?
No. At this time, we do not require a credit card on file unless an arrangement for shipping your books(we do that, too) or very infrequent visits has been set up. We do, however, require non-refundable deposits on special-order merchandise.

What do I do when I want to cancel my reserve box?
Please tell us. We’re human and we understand that some things in life can take precedence over comic books, like rent, car, food. We expect you to honor your commitment to purchase any titles that we are holding for you up to that point. Most importantly, let us know immediately when you need to make a change. Please keep in mind that we order titles 2 months in advance, so we may ask you to honor the purchase of something specifically ordered for you.

Addtional Comixology FAQ’s may be found at:

If you have any questions, email us at:

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